Thursday , January 20 2022

Waymo launches the world's first unmanned taxi / news / finance commercial service.


In December, the company Waymo could be the first company in the world to launch a taxi into an unmanned vehicle.

It was quoted by Bloomberg as citing sources.

Reference : Waymo unmanned taxis occupies 1/4 of the Uber and Lyft markets – experts

According to him, the developer United States of America Self-management taxi service with new brand that has become secret until official announcement. The company refused to comment on rumors about upcoming projects.

But for now, this is a beta version of the service. We plan to provide access to our services to a limited number of people by not launching mobile applications for all users in the near future.

Most of them will be part of the pilot program. On this commercial trip, travel is only possible in the vicinity of Phoenix (Arizona) and the service area does not exceed 260 square meters. km

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