Tuesday , May 30 2023

Ukraine Film won European Parliament Prize


Ukraine Film won European Parliament PrizeBut the winner was exactly "Mountain Woman".

In the battlefield film "Mountain Woman: War in War", co-produced by Ukraine, France and Iceland, was awarded the European Parliament Prize.

This writes Chronicle.info referring to 24tv.ua.

Tape has been awarded the European Parliament LUX Prize-2018, which is listed on the European Parliament website.

The awards ceremony took place in Strasbourg on 14 November.

The other side of Everything, directed by Mila Turailich (Serbia, France, Qatar) and Wolfgang Fischer (Germany, Austria), directed by "Styx"

This film, directed by Benedict Erlingsson, tells the story of an environmental activist who struggles against harmful production that harms the organization of the choir and the environment.

Part of the filming took place in Ukraine – Ukrainian actors participated.

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The movie "Mountain Woman: War in War", which won the European Parliamentary Film Prize, will be translated into the official language of EU member states and will continue to be employed within the framework of "Luxe Film Festival Day".

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