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Travel on a map of Kiev – new features for beneficiaries

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The "certificate" was a map of Kiev, and the journey must be registered with the validator

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New rules for beneficiaries in Kiev: free travel functions in 2019

Lyudmila Knyazskaya-Khanova




The "certificate" was a map of Kiev, and the journey must be registered with the validator

In Kiev, from the beginning of 2019 Subscription registration of travel of beneficiaries in the public transport with the map of Kiev. Now, the beneficiary must come in a trolleybus, bus or tram to confirm his card to the validator and "register" the trip. In this case, the funds of & # 39; a card are not revoked. The same system of travel for beneficiary travel has operated a few years in a Kiev metro.

Why do the authorities consider travel of beneficiaries

Forget about the benefits of traveling multiple categories of people. This right is granted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine – for all citizens, and in accordance with the decision of & # 39; a city of Kyiv – for residents of Kiev. The City Council represents the right to apply for various categories of residents of Kiev free of charge, including people with special services for their home country, including special employment services, unemployed persons who are in the limelight for group 1 and retired people. More than 80 years of age, war veterans who are not included in a category of pensioners, people who subject the law to the status of war veterans and parents with many children. have three or more children.

You also have the right to travel free of charge to students. At the same time, the KSCA states that the most extensive category of beneficiaries is Kiev pensioners, who can also use the wreck channel. According to officials, the free travel bill is required to calculate the number of passengers who enjoy the benefits and to use the means to carry them.

"Only a clear account will give us the opportunity to promote the use of funds in Kiev's budget. What we clearly see is that money makes money possible to save and save money. use for those purposes that are not important to the people of Kiev "Department of Social Policy Svetlana Ustimenko.

To confirm a trip is easy. Exempt must Go to the validator, take the card and bring it to the device. Validators are installed in the salons of buses, trolleybuses and trams, such as & # 39; a passage on & # 39; s drives from & # 39; the city electric train and high third trams.

"Therefore, information about the trip has been read by a beneficiary. It is necessary that the fact that traveling is" said Yury Nazarov, director of the Information and Communication Technology Department of & # 39; e KSCA.

Properties of driving a map of one of Kiev's residents

According to Yuri Nazarov, 781 million Kiwis have been released in the capital, of which 680 are beneficiaries. The very existence of a card does not have a free travel qualifier, but is in & # 39; the code of & # 39; a card entered that it & # 39; t received for beneficiaries. When you move it to & nbsp; validator in basic transport – the heading "Valid" is displayed on the screen, and the message "Passage allowed" appears on & # 39; e turnstile in the metro.

There is also a system for managing the use of a coffee card for free travel, as well as electric cards.

"The controllers have readers, if they enter the transport – all validators are blocked, and after taking a card or a qr code, it is brought to the device, and the system understands whether the fare was paid or paid," Nazarov.

He also indicated that the same foreign projects are also being used in foreign countries, and if the beneficiary has not confirmed his travel – the controllers have the right to oblige obligations for the hazard.

In general, travelers can still use free travel, present certificates, but officials advise them to use Kiev's civil filing as the carrier can compensate for their trip and improve traffic quality.

Officials say that on January 4, the validators traveled about 200 on a map of Kiev, then on January 20 were about 20 thousand. The KSCA encourages pensions and other beneficiaries not to be afraid to bring cards to the validators, because the money is not revoked and directors reach it all ".

Now the cities are actively involved in getting a killing of Kiev. Beneficiaries can get it in one of Oshchadbank's. To do this you need to have a passport, an identification bar and a document that has the right to benefit. Within 4-7 days, the card was issued and released for the recipient free of charge.

Nazarov has also said that validators in land transport, you & # 39; t in november-december worked in test mode, and since 1 January for beginners launched, everyone will earn for everyone. In addition, the risk of PayPass will be paid.

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Lyudmila Knyazskaya-Khanova

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