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Top 20 Best Android Applications (2019) –

So, over 2 million applications have been published on Google Play, which will be enough for everyone who buys an Android smartphone to search for high-quality third-party solutions. However, the main site of the Google Store, is not perfect. The company beats many high-value applications. We will help you find the best solutions and present the best apps from 2019.

They will be useful for everyone who needs high-quality wallpapers. Both applications are made by one developer, the quality is very high. The first with wallpaper for OLED display, and the second for all others.

This is a great ad-savvy app for capturing high-quality screen. Select, I want to mention a great design in the "Material 2.0" style.

For third-party lovers, there are some interesting solutions: Lawnchair and Hyperion Launcher. The first is similar to the Pixel Launcher, but offers extra features (regular icons, theme & # 39; s, grille size adjustment, gestures, and more). The second supports font modification, input in & # 39; an application at & # 39; a fingerprint scanner, detailed settings.

This application is probably best for replacing trusted navigation with gestures. To hide the old navigation, you need root privileges or PCs, the application has instructions to delete your navigation with a PC.

With PlayJ you can send screen shots in different applications to your friends. This is an advanced analogue of Skype for Android.

The screens are getting more and more constantly, this application will help to put the problem of using a smartphone with one hand. The lower part is selected for cursor control, and the cursor itself lies in the upper part.

The location of the fast settings in the upper area of ​​the screen is not very easy because the wishes of the manufacturers are the telephone countries. The solution will be the bottom quick settings application, it places the fast settings in the lower area, similar to iOS.

Besides being a perfect voice note, the main function of Otter Voice Notes is the translation of text into text, but so far only in English.

The application lets you draw lines on the screen with increased reality. To understand how & # 39; it works, you should see the video above.

You can download various graphics cards. But what if you don't have one of the icons? In this case, Iconzy will help you select one of the installed icons for a specific application.

This is the only paid application in the list, it costs 129 rubles. One + Gestures reload ordinary buttons with gestures like OnePlus smartphones.

Stand by ringtones? SpotOn lets you set up any YouTube video as an alarm tone.

For the bed we often belong to music. But how does it go to exclude when you sleep? SpotOn – Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify will help. It plays Spotify songs for a specific alarm time.

The application shows you messages. To activate it, you need to snap from the edge of the screen. It supports many different music services.

The application duplicates all notifications from the main device to the second. There is a direct synchronization between the devices. That is, if you delete a notification on the second device, it will disappear at & # 39; first.

Assistant shortcuts set various actions for a long print from the Home button, replacing the default launch of Google Assistant.

S9 owners probably know about the Edge screen feature. Swipe from the right side of the screen you can include a small window with widgets, applications, where, calculator and other useful things.

Nacho Notch blacks the status bar to hide the result on the screen. A used application.

Do you want technical news? Sip News shows the most popular news of this area and comments on it.

Increasing will reduce the impact of a smartphone on everyday life. You can set a timer that will block the gadget user altogether.

The application paused the memory of a smartphone from empty folders, rendering the Explorer unclear.

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