Wednesday , August 4 2021

The police have promised to prevent the "Kіnets" billboards and all of them & # 39;

The police conducts inspections in & # 39; s region & # 39; s there are promotional slides placed, designed in & # 39; a presidential candidate of Ukraine, the current head of state Petro Poroshenko. Promoted materials are removed, customers and this ad in & # 39; a consequence of & # 39; a justified representatives, the Speaker of the Ukrainian government, Yaroslav Trakalo, promised.

Billboards in & # 39; style an election campaign from & # 39; the president of & # 39; a president of Ukraine, the current head of state Petro Poroshenko with the inscription "Kіnets" in & # 39; the consequences of & # 39; a law, April 14, reports "Ukrainian truth" with reference to the comment from & # 39; a government policy of Ukraine Yaroslav Trakalo.

"According to the pre-authentication, this external ad is placed in the" "override of law. It does not have information about the setting that has sex, flooding, information about the person responsible for the release. and the customer of these materials, "said Trakalo.

The speaker points out that police are now contrasted in all regions where these political ads were placed. The advertising material that disappears by law is being sent from any public communications manager.

"In accordance with Part 2 of Article 212-13 of KUoAP, the distribution of public ads without information specified in its legislation is punishable. The corresponding administrative services are compiled for individuals who & # 39; political advertising put in the law, "he said.

On April 14, advertising boards appeared in some cities of Ukraine in & # 39; a campaign from & # 39; a president of & # 39; e president, current head of state Petro Poroshenko, with the inscription "Kіnets".

March 31, the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine. According to official data from the CEC, 30.24% vote for Zelensky, 15.95% of voters for Poroshenko. Second round of elections will be held April 21st.

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