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The Patriarchate's Alliance Deplores the Russian Orthodox Church in Western Europe


The Pentecostal Synod of the All-Russian Patriarch denounced the Patriarch Thompson of 1999, with the support of the Russian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Western Europe under the constitution of Constantinople Patriarch. Прододиакон Русского православной церкви Andrei Kurayev called this a "troubling" solution. "Thomos Dum – Tomos has come up," he added.

The Pentecostal Synod of the Patriarchate of the Universe, released on November 27 in Fano, decided to dissolve the Archdiocesan of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe. This is a summary of the publication of the Orthodoxy, sent to its sources.

It is worth mentioning that this was the Patriarchy of 1999.

Прододиакон Русского православной церкви Andrei Kurayev wrote in his blog that "official communications with details will be postponed".

"What will happen to your Galician epicurea? But this is the worst thing: tonight has come up," he added.

On January 22, 1971, the Constantinople Patriarch re-established its jurisdiction over the occurrence of the former Russian West African Exarchate, transforming it into the Russian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Western Europe.

On 19 June 1999, Thompson of the Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew I supported the Archbishop's proposal under the constipation of the Constantinople Patriarch and established its status as an exarch.

The settlement of the Holy Synod of the All-Russian Patriarchate began in Istanbul on 27 November 2018 and is scheduled for November 29. "Ukrinform" suggests that it is possible for us to confirm the autofeal for the Ukrainian courts.

The sinister of the Patriarchate on October 11 took part in the decision-making process of the Ukrainian autocratic courts. In part, the resolution of the Constantinople Patriarchate from 1686 on the transfer of the Ukrainian church in the direction of the Moscow Patriarchate has been canceled; With the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Philharmonic, Patriarchate of Kyiv, was humiliated by the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) anaphomite; ему и предстоятелю Украинской автоэфальной православной церкви Макарию возвращен канонический статус.

The Official Tomato on the Autokhalya of Prosperous Churches in Ukraine Allen Patriarch Bartholomew will give you a summary of the shareholders' meeting of a single institutional church. It turns out that the setback is in decadence.

On October 15, Sinod ROC interrupted the evacuation agreement with the Constantinople Patriarchate, on November 13, the same decision was taken by the UPC MPs.

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