Wednesday , August 4 2021

the owner of "robbed" LADA Granta FL complaint

The manager expected to run at least 100,000 km without problems, but all his plans were ruin.

LADA Granta FL began to fall completely off & # 39 ;, because the sender on the Reality Life YouTube channel has the problem of sharing its problems and seeing the build quality of & # 39 The updated "Grants" teaches a lot to be desired.

When attempting to reverse the reverse, the exhaling of car started to & # 39; a heart-adjusting, the refusal to put it in the & nbsp; back: "Removal – runs, back – scream." In the service, the administrator stated that at "LADA Granta FL" the club disk "with" the course "should be changed."

A few days ago, the car enthusiast also had to change the roller coaster for the fifth time. In addition, the boat has used the boat, but here the driver has already found that the error can lie on him: "I have found something else, it happens."

"It has already disappeared," said the driver hopelessly, and gave it every time he rides, thinking about what might happen and had to try to get his LADA Granta FL out of a pusher in & # 39; best.

The members of the network are trying to reassure the cyclist who's complaining of constant damage, but this isn't very convincing to her: "Grant wasn't in need – she felt jumpy!"

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