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The famous Ukrainian athlete became a "bandit". video


November 10, 2018 23:00

Virastiuk played a major negative role in the New Year comedy.

This network has released official poster of the Ukrainian Christmas comedy "Adventures of S Nicholas".

According to Goskino on the Facebook page, the film appeared on Masha Efrosinina and Vasily Virastyuk.

Virastiuk played a role of main negative character – Boar Bandit, and Efrosinina played the main character's fashion blogger and mother.

The film was directed by Semyon Horov, famous for his works such as "Evening on a Farm near Dikanca", "Mad Days, Marriage of Figaro" and "Sorochinki Fair".

The event takes place in the Carpathians of Ukraine. On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, Nikolai suddenly appears until Artem in Year 2.

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