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Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina back to a minimum with a victory –


Brais Mendez 's debut goal led to a victory for the Luis Enrique ward in a spectacular game that weakened the bitterness in the final of the four – league finals (1: 0).

Brais Mendez, Getty Images

Brais Mendez, Getty Images
November 18, 2018 23:41

Since the Spanish national team does not need to hold the Sixth Alliance game, they decided to prepare for the match at Stadium Gran Canaria Stadium for a match against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Notably, the Furies of Rohee football players ruined the mood as a result of their group duel. Luis Enrique's ward could be recognized just before the starting line-up of the reported bout. England took the victory in Croatia at the last minute, finalized the first leg in the standings and went up to the quarter-finals in the final. Spanish football fans, of course, did not expect the second most powerful team in the World Cup after the two start rounds (based on past World Cup results) in turn with a total score of 8: 1.

The Bosnian made it much easier. The confident game on the tournament street was able to occupy the first line of the group including the Robert Prosinechka team and the Austrian and Northern Ireland teams. And the "Main Prize" entered the "Elite" category of the later tournament. And the same exact, lack of gaming experience with intentional high performing teams, and the guests of this friendly meeting will complement this day.

Even the first strike against the opponent's goal in the game, they pushed Visci's efforts to kiss on average distance to a close distance, but Pep was able to deal with it easily in this episode. The situation ended in about 30 minutes and after this episode it was difficult to remind the Spanish national team of the threat to the gate at least. "Fury Roja" has begun to produce "strings" in other areas.

Pretty soon, the possession rate for the guest was above 70%, but this did not affect the workload of the Bosnian goalkeeper. Overall, the threat occurred at long distances, but in this component the masters recognized in the faces of Isco and Asensio were very unsuccessful that evening. Their example was followed by Suso, who had been asked for the national team after a good match in Milan, Italy. And on the final stage of the Spanish player Alvaro Morata, the overall game is the most enjoyable finish.

It's a ridiculous fact that Spain scored for the first time in the 40th minute, but Shehich failed to score the goal line when Isco attempted an attack from the penalty area.

The Bosnian quickly swept back the opposing goal quickly in the first half but Jacko's strike from a somewhat sharp angle turned out to be extremely inaccurate. The team then followed the hideout from the pouring rain to the sub-tribune.

Later on, Luis Enrique quickly sent a message to Mora that the game should not end before the final whistle. Future Chelsea games did not go back. And a few meters away from the end of the heading may be due to weather conditions. Then, after a few attacks, if you miss an empty target at a closer distance, the attacker draws a line under the failed game.

The results of the meeting decided to replace the players. Isco handed his team the speed of the scoring strike through the center to the goalkeeper and delivered the final blow at the end of the attack. The Bosnian goalkeeper was able to cope with the threat, but with the ball straight, Breisz Mendes succeeded his first goal of the national team in his debut.

The game may end in this event. Spain extended the unbeaten game in the friendly, but it was a weak boost if they did not play in the league. Nonetheless, the second place is not the result of once a fierce European soccer fan wants to see it.

Spain – Bosnia and Herzegovina 1: 0
goal : Mendez, 78

Spain : Arrisabalaga (Lopez, 75) – Otto (Aspilicueta, 49), Hermoso, Llorente, Gaia – Suso (Mendez, 59), Rodri, Ceballos (Fornals, 64) – Asensio, Morata Isco.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Shehich – Simirot, Bicakchich, Zukanovic, Nastich – Goyak, Bešić, Saric – Višća (Bajic, 81), Dzeko (Codro, 85), Krunich (Duljević, 62).

warning: Gaia, Morata – Sarich.

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