Friday , July 30 2021

Sony PlayStation 5 shook all buyers at a surprising price.

The next in the future gets more details about the game of Sony PlayStation 5 in the network, and there are quite a few different features involved. It is known that the hardware base of this console is an AMD processor and with a video card provides performance at 14 teraflops, allowing the whole gaming device to play games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second as all gamers are guaranteed to be more than satisfied. be.

From a reliable source, it became known how much the Sony PlayStation 5 game console costs all buyers, that is, how much to pay off before the start of the sale. The message is that the base model PS5 will be available for purchase for $ 500 (33,000 rubles), but one will praise it only in the United States, and without taxes. In practice, this means that the residents of Russia have to pay 39,990 rubles for this prefix, most likely.

The bundle of PS5 will be one game template, and all games are considered separately. In & # 39; the practice means this is the start set of & # 39; A console and several video games cost the residents of Russia about 50,000 euros, that's just a lot of money. So a price tag was everyone, because there was no one that Sony PlayStation 5 would cost much. Such buyers' response is just natural, to ask PS4 at the start of sales in 2013 but only $ 400, that's less.

A high ranking can affect the game console's population, being their main schoolchildren and pupils, and these categories of people usually do not have large amounts of money to buy. However, if the Sony PlayStation 5 is as good as the creamers, many are guaranteed to decide to lay it just as much as the manufacturer asks. The official announcement of the PS5 is expected in 2019, and sales must start in & # 39; the second half of 2020.

In short, the Sony PlayStation 4 console was announced twice in price.

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