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Slovakia Ukraine – Play Online Match 2010-11-16 – Slovakia Ukraine – Live Broadcast Ukraine Football 1 November 16 Video


On Friday, November 16th, the 19,000-seat Ukrainian team at the Anton Malatinsky Stadium in Trnava finished their league match with the Slovakian team (starting at 21:45). Book has already made a prediction for the upcoming meeting.

From a tournament perspective, the "yellow-blue" duel is almost meaningless (Andrei chenchenko's team won the league group ahead of schedule), but our team is not eager to break 9 games unbeaten.

"Facts" will perform online broadcast of the bout in Trnava, you can follow this news.

The Tami servants of Montenegro

The chief mediator of the meeting was Nikola Dabanovich, 36, from Montenegro. The international coach of Podgorica has been on the jury since 2009. He will be in charge of U-20 (Ukraine), U-20 (Ukraine), U-20 (Ukraine), U-20 (Ukraine), U-) – 2012 1: 1, Dynamo (U- 19) – 2015 2: 0, Napoli (U-19) – Shakhtar (U -19) – 2017 1: 2, 2018 Vorskla – Sporting – 1: 2.

His compatriots Milutin Dzhukich, Alexander Dzhikanovich, Milovan Milashich, Milosh Boshkovich and Vladan Todorovich would help Dabanovich. Judge Observer – Konrad Plautz (Austria), UEFA President – Ariel Kenneth Sheiman (Israel).

* Arbiter of Montenegro Nikola Dabanovich

Dinner with the legend of "Milan"

On the first day of training camp, our national team mentor Andrey Shevchenko arranged a joint dinner party for the athletes early in the League of Nations. At the same time, the players who arrived at the rally in November were not only invited but also not ready for the next game. (Will continue to play against Turkey on November 20th in Antalya) – Sergey Sidorchuk, Yaroslav Rakytskyy, Artem Besedin, Marlos, Ivan Ordets.

The soccer player was already surprised at the restaurant. The event was attended by stars from "Milan" and Italian national team Paolo Maldini, "95th Quarter".

* Andrey Shevchenko, Ivan Petryak, Paolo Maldini and Andrey Boryachuk

* Artem Besedin, with his girlfriends and actors "95th quarter"

At the same time, newcomers to the Ukrainian national team have traditionally delivered rituals as "collections." The 19-year-old Dinamo Vitaly Mikolenko and the 21-year-old Karpat's forward Marjan Swede are joined by Chervona Rut and Andrei Boryachuk, 22, And Shakhtar's 25-year-old Sergei Bolvart-snykh ") – the song" Visionary "by Yaroslav Yevdokimov.

* Vitaly Mikolenko and Marian Swede

* Sergey Bolbat and Andrey Boryachuk

By the way, the true master class for national team recruitment was demonstrated by a defender of "yellow-blue" Sergey Krivtsov. The national team's Shakhtar soccer player is not a new player, but few people know that Sergey can sing too well. His performance on Muslum Magomayev's "Blue Eternity" broke the cry of standing ovation and "Bravo!".

Shevchenko, check with teenagers

Ukrainian coach Andrei Shevchenko has signed with Dynamo (19) Vitaly Mikolenko, 20-year-old Nikolay Shaparenko, Karpat's 21-year-old Marian Shved, Andrei, 22 ) And 24 players. Boryachuk of Mariupol.

Sadly, due to injury at the upcoming meeting, "Yellow Blue" does not help Andrei Yarmolenko ("West Ham") and Bogdan Butko ("Shakhtar"). It was not included in the list of two or more "yellow-blue" of Ukrainian champions Yaroslav Rakytskyy and Marlos.

The overall composition of boron Ukraine is as follows. goalkeeper – Andrey Pyatov (Shakhtar), Denis Boyko (Dynamo), Andrey Lunin (Leganes, Spain); Defender – Sergey Krivtsov, Nikolai Matvienko (both Shakhtar), Nikita Burda, Vitaly Mikolenko (both Dynamo), Alexander Karavayev (Zarya), Vasily Kravets (Lugo, Spain), Igor Plastun (Gent "Belgium); Midfielder Alexander Zinchenko (Manchester City, England), Yevgeny Makarenko (Belgium Anderlecht, Belgium), Ivan Petryak (Hungary, Ferencvaros); Viktor Tsygankov; Vitaly Buyalsky; Nikolay Shaparenko; Taras Stepanenko; Victor Kovalenko; Sergey Bolbat; Sharktra; Belgium; Forward – Roman Yaremchuk (Gent in Belgium), Marian Swede (Karpaty), Andrei Boryachuk (Mariupol).

Vladimir Shepelev, Sergey Sidorchuk (Dynamo), Vladislav Kulach (Voskira)

The Slovakian have one legionary.

The new Slovakian mentor, 49-year Czech specialist, Pavel Gapal will play Ukraine and Czech Republic (November 19, Prague) soon, with 24 players (all without exception, playing in foreign clubs !): goalkeeper – Martin Dubravka (Newcastle, UK), Matush Kozachik (Victoria, Czech Republic), Marek Rodak (Rotherham, England); Defender – Eric Szabo (Hapoel, Beersheba, Israel), Peter Pecaryk (Hertha, Germany), Martin Scrtel (Fenerbahce, Turkey), Denis Vavro (Copenhagen Denmark), Milan Scrignard Italy), David Gantsko ; Tomash Gubochan ("Marseille", France); Midfielder – Copenhagen in Denmark, Marek Gamshik (Napoli in Italy), Ondrej Duda (Hertha in Germany), Robert Mc (Germany), Stanislav Lobotka in Spain, Patrick Groshovski in Czech Republic, Juraj Kutska in Trabzonspor in Turkey, Albert Rusnak (Salt Lake City, USA), Vladimir Weiss (Al Garafa, Qatar), Matush Bero (Vitesse, The Netherlands); Forward – Adam Nemec ("Paphos", Cyprus), Michal Düris ("Anorthosis", Cyprus), Adam Zrell ("Nuremberg", Germany).

Anton Malatinkski Stadium

The meeting of Shevchenko and the Gapala ward is held at the home of the Spartak team (Trnava) at the Anton Malatinsky stadium, which has undergone major refurbishment in 2013-2015 and can accommodate 9,200 fans.

Slovakia's second largest sports facility was built in 1923, after a former soccer player and coach of Anton Malatinsky. After the reconstruction of the € 30 million game, the competition was opened on August 22, 2015 by local Spartak and Brazilian Attletico Paranaense.

* Anton Malatinsky Stadium in Trnava

By the way, a shopping center, an underground car park, an office building and a business center with multiplex cinema were built next to the stadium.

Slovak in Trnava

In the stadium called Anton Malatinsky, the Slovak national team won ten times in 22 matches, losing seven times and losing five times (France, Wales, Denmark, England and the Czech Republic).

I have already visited the Ukrainian team which finished the 1: 1 friendly match against Trnava (pre reconstruction) and home team in 2002. Andrey Shevchenko then brought "yellow-blue" to the captain's armband.

The other party's configuration is 65 million euros more expensive.

According to the authoritative portal transfermarkt. At present, the total value of the current athletes of the Ukrainian teams (excluding Yarmolenko, Rakytskyy and Marlos) is less than Slovakia's team of 653.5 million euros, down from 853.3 million euros to less than 125.535 million euros.

Alexander Zinchenko (Manchester City) – 15 million, Yevgeny Konoplyanka (Shalke) – Taras Stepanenko (Shakhtar) – 10 million each, Viktor Tsygankov (Dynamo) – 8 million and Ruslan Malinowski (Genk)

Milan Škrinjar (Inter) – € 50 million, Marek Gamshik (Napoli) – 30 million, Stanislav Lobotka (Celta) – 25 million, Ondrej Duda (Hertha) – Slovenia's top five are: 8 million and Patrick Groshovski ("Victoria") – 4.25 million.

Over the past several months, the transfer value of Spain 's Celta and the Slovakian national team Stanislav has increased by € 10 million.

Ukraine vs Slovakia

Over the past few years, the Ukrainian and Slovakian teams have had seven confrontations. Our team was in 2009 in Limassol, Cyprus 3: 2, 2: 1 in Lviv (2 times in 2017, 1 in 2018) 1: 1 in Trinava in 2002, 1: 1 in Kyiv, Three rounds were made at 0:05 in 2015 and once again the opponent "Yellow – Blue" (1: 0 in Kiev in 2014).

Match Video Review Slovakia – Ukraine – 2: 3 (2009, Cyprus tournament)

Day of the game day

Weather forecasters do not promise precipitation on November 16th in Trnava. The temperature drops to 0 degrees when the meeting begins.

Previously, "Fact" reported where the team watched the live broadcast of the Slovakia-Ukraine game.

Photo by ffu.ua, Spartac (Trnava), uefa.com, Evgeny Kravs

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