Sunday , December 5 2021

Shortly after the release, discounts are already spread over Fallout 76


Multiplayer computer game Fallout 76 was released in midnight last week, but now it is offered a purchase with a substantial discount. According to PCGamesHardware, the game is available to European players on the Xbox Live Store at € 47 (the original price was € 70), and the Amazon version of Amazon costs less – 30 euro for PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. .

Fallout 76 sold after release

On one side, disconnectors can be geared to Black Black, but for the gaming industry, it's not typical to just sell for sale games for sale. In addition, most players of the Fallout 76 will be bought at full cost in the first week, with this fact being disappointed.

Many questions about specialist publications and dramatic reviews of players are a sign that Bethesda does not achieve the desired success with Fallout 76. The Metacritic Play Level is 55 points out of 100 for the PC version and 50 points for the PlayStation 4. Lastly, the IGN sports portal rated 50 out of 100 Fallout76, and 40 of & nbsp; The 100 game play, opening the article with the case: "Well, the war has just changed."

In addition, Bethesda itself does not mean details of the commercial success of Fallout 76. For comparison in 2015, the company has reportedly reported on sales of Fallout 4, announcing that the game was $ 12 million copied and $ 750 million for the first day of sale.

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