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"Russia, we deserve." Chief Prosecutor Poroshenko in Rada – Ukraine


The Ukrainian president is confident that Ukraine will become a member of the NATO and the EU.

President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday, November 22, came to the Verkhovna Rada, where he called on the people's representatives to design the # 39; to make the law on changing the Constitution The strategic course of the state to the full membership of # 39; to get Ukraine into the European Union and the NATO. the main points of Presidential Speech.

Adjustments to the Constitution convey all the first steps of # 39; The Ukrainian authorities on Ukraine's entry into the European Union and NATO

"I do not see arguments, do not vote, I do not understand these arguments, and I did not accept them." Four years ago, we had a great way to go to European and Euro-Atlantic integration. "As one of the European Commissioner of Justice said Ukraine and the European Union more than ever before, the dignity revolution started five years ago," said Poroshenko.

Ukraine learns in European integration in comparison with its western neighbors

"If we have the comparison with our neighbors, we are twenty, very late, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic – in March 1999 in the NATO, and the European Union, in May 2004, with Slovenia, Slovakia and the Baltic countries "And we were not yet ready to go to # 39; the door. Then, in 2004, we could just clear the plan to buy Ukraine into a Russian economic space, "the president recalls.

Mapping of MAP (action plan for NATO membership) to & # 39; The end of the "null" has the Ukrainians lost the chance to protect themselves from & # 39; the Russian aggression

"At the end of the" null "we tried to expel our entrance to the NATO, there were many witnesses and even participants in these events in this hall. They are doing the interests of Russia, such as the classic "fifth column," and now they are trying to do the same way. The then government does not have its position on NATO with one vote spoke, and we had the chance to protect us, unfortunately, from Russian aggression, "said the state law.

"Friends, I am deeply convinced that if we were a member of the Alliance, Russia would never decide to join the Crimea, never decided to visit the Donbass, and I think the Kremlin's aggression against the Ukraine Just offered when the Arab regime proclaimed our non-orientation – Poroshenko added.

Ukraine will be in NATO. Point.

"Last week, based on my agreement with the president [США Дональдом] Trump has a meeting of the Strategic Participation Committee of Ukraine-USA. And I want to remind you that in the final statement the United States will again resume: Ukraine will be in # 39; and NATO. Punt ", – said Poroshenko.

Russia has not and will not have any fat on Ukraine's attention to the EU and NATO

"Confirmation in the Constitution is the obligation path to the addition of NATO and the European Union, we send a message to Moscow: We are fully and inexpensively shared. Russia, as an aggressive country, has I do not want to get our connection to the NATO or the European Union, and I think we will not ask for permission. "This is the uprightness of Ukraine as a country that is sufficiently in its own right," said the president.

Ukraine does not lean to NATO

"I always said we were not delivered to NATO, and in recent years we have made a strong, efficiently lower that has a great experience for the restoration of Russian aggression. The Ukrainian army is implementing an ambitious program of transition from Soviet-NATO standards to all areas of military construction, and this is due to an unprecedented number of joint exercises with the Alliance, and the implementation of the annual program, to achieve the compatibility of all security and defense policy sectors, "said the president.

Ukraine in Donbas protects the entire sublime world and strengthens the moral right to EU membership

"The fact that we are not alone in East Africa, but the entire European civilization, strongly supports our moral right to membership in the EU as a full member," Poroshenko said.

After the discussion of # State of # 39; the state, the people's representatives of 311 vote Preconfirmed Consolidation in the Constitution The course of countries in the country in # 39; NATO and the European Union.

After the vote, the president asked for his Facebook satisfaction with the decision.

311 votes in favor! The deputy's support in the first lecture, the # 39, the strategic course of Ukraine's membership in # 39; NATO and the EU in the context of the Constitution. Glory to Ukraine!

Dismissed by Petro Poroshenko Thursday, November 22, 2018

According to Poroshenko, the final changes to the Constitution will be set forth in # 39; The next session of the House of Representatives – in February 2019.

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