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Right wing – Belleu – Usik was defeated by knockout.


Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usyk beat British Tony Bellew, retaining his championship title. The boxers will play the WBC, WBO, IBF, WBA Super and Ring World Champion titles as well as the TBRB line champion titles (English.)Russian. Absolute world boxing champion at first heavyweight. The fight was intense with the Minister. Despite the tremendous advantages of the last round, Usik was well suited to the British by the judges' decision. "Vesti" has collected all the interesting content about the fight between Usik and Belleu.

A quiet mustache, a modest bell

For Tony Belleu, this fight was a good chance to compete for all imaginable titles of not only earning money before retiring but also the first heavy weight. He understood that there was no such opportunity anymore. For Usyk, the fight was very important in terms of entering a cool fight show, as well as entering the big UK market. All previous Usyk fights on the size of the organization are not close to the last meeting.

Bellew tried to fight for himself and Cirrus. Tony did not include "treshtok", did not insult the Ukrainians, and did not speak out loud, always emphasizing respect for the other person. This unusual behavior is that Usyk could not speak English and simply could not respond to boxers in various events and press. Also, because Belleu understood that he had little chance, he prepared the legend, and according to him, he was a top fighter.

But before the game, we were able to sell all 21,000 Manchester Stadium tickets. Despite the absence of outdoor advertising for dueling on Manchester Street, fans scored all of the training they had done before declining and struck where the press conference was held. News about boxing helped fans of the newspaper that appeared every day.

"Plain and Simple": Usik's first interview after the war – about Bellew, family, dreams and goals

British promoter Eddie Hearn organized a sophisticated boxing evening never seen before in Usik's career. Also, the opening of the showdown where there were enough British boxers turned out to be very successful. The public's favorite was David Allen of nearby Doncaster. Also, the public welcomed Anthony Kroll who will compete with Ukraine Vasily Lomachenko in the future.

Tribunes went forward.

For Bellew, Liverpool is home, but the Manchester Stadium can also be considered home. It is clear that in front of his audience the boxer wanted to show himself from the best side. Knowing that Usyk is functionally better prepared, it is foolish for him to sit on the field in the first round. Belleu wanted to do his best in the first qualifying round so that at least the judges' decision would eventually give him the opportunity to theoretically win.

Usik did not rush anywhere and did not forcefully do it. The first round was a real reconnaissance, and square fans could count with the fingers of one hand. Nonetheless, Tony showed persistence and caused two strikes on the direction of Ukraine.

In the second round, Usyk tried to take control of the fight, but often missed a counterattack. Along with a slight advantage, Bellew was obviously an experienced boxer who was getting tired earlier, but took the second round.

The third round was even better, and Bellew provoked Usik to anger. Babel missed the pillar and gave Bellew a round.

The fourth round is a turning point. Usik confidently squeezed Beloww into the corner and attacked. On several occasions, Mustache had even hit the jaws of Britons enormously, but he sometimes did a counterattack.

Respect – Belleu kissed Usik on the forehead after defeat (Photo)

Five minutes and three seconds left. Bellew is very slow, his movements are soft, he often goes to the ropes, and Usyk hits after the strike. In the next round, Belleu was only helped by the ringing of the ball. Usik attacked several times, but Bellew was a little unaware.

But Bellew took a seven-round break. Usik attacked the position by acting passively, but allowed defensive defenses from time to time.

As it turned out, Usyk breathed in to hit a decisive blow. In the middle of the segment, Bellew lost some of Usik's punches, lost his concentration, and stopped Alexander two more times. After that Bellew fell on the ropes and the referee stopped the game.

Afterwards the embattled boxer and referee announced the Ukrainian victory.

Interestingly, after the seventh round, Alexander Usik lost two of the three judges to Tony Belle. Mexico 's Alejandro Lopez (68:65) and Briton Steve Gray (67:66) preferred the ring owner and Russia' s free pt Chef (67) scored a draw.

"It's hard not to fight"

Alexander Usik after the victory

"I followed the set-up that the coach gave me before the fight, and it was hard to deter myself from fighting." The concentration in the first round was the corner's job, and at the corner I had to focus on each round to see what he did He was a dangerous kid and came to pick me up a few times.Belu thanked me.He's a strong boxer and a strong father.I fight like that.- I want to be with people like them, not speakers.I do not think. Said.

Also, Usyk refused to say that this fight is the last one for him in heavy weight. "You can not rush the words sharply, you have to approach everything professionally, the rest worry, this year was very difficult and successful," the boxer said.

Immediately after the historic battle: Usyk asked the fans. What he said (video)

Also, Ukrainian fighters could not pass by religious themes. "Whenever I pray, I ask you to give humility to the Almighty, Whatever I do, I will not tell you how great I am, I am the simplest, what is humility? Please, you must forgive him, "Alexander said.

"You'll never see me in the ring"

Tony Bellew defeated by Mustache I admit the absolute superiority of the opponent.

"I lost to the best boxer I've met. He's been in my trap many times, but I did not even think he was a boxer, and I did not feel his leg was the best. I do not regret taking this fight because I do not have it.The fact that I missed it surprised him.No one had ever wronged him.After all that came down to his leg.I could not do it when I tried to tie him at the clinch – He said, "The Englishman.

Tony also pointed out that he was the first to finish his career at a tired and professional level in his long career.

"I thought my part was failing, some of them were top boxing, the rest was not important to me, I was boxing for 20 years, I always wanted to prove people wrong, My career I do not know why that happened He's fantastic I'm his fan I said his fans before fighting I'm his fan after he hit me I want to disappear Leave me alone The future is just a normal person I want to be like this and I want to live a normal life, that's all. More rings, "said Bell.

Bellew ended his career after losing to Usyk.

Joshua and the ward – from a perspective

Matchroom boxing promotional company head Eddie Hearn spoke about possible dates for the fight between Alexander Usik and Anthony Joshua.

"I think Joshua will not go back to the ring before April, and the team will want to fight twice in 2019." Is not ready for Joshua yet, technically he is fine but not important in terms of weight.Alexander will grow and add size.The mustache team are smart players.So I think they are Joshua I will do a 2 heavyweight fight before I go to it, "Hirn said.

In addition, the promoter believes Britain Dillian White can be a good opponent for Alexander in the new weight category.

"I need a mustache for the guy to be a boxer, so this fight must have been so good, for the first four rounds – I have not seen it for a long time, who's playing good against Dilian White? – The promoter said.

Promoter Alexander Krasyuk of Usik said about the boxer's next plan.

"We are planning two battles in 2019. The other side has not been taken yet and has not been decided yet, what will we do? Next is heavyweight, and maybe Andre Ward will be a new opponent. If we update our career and return to cruzservate, we can ponder.Denis Lebedev? No, he is not a choice for us.The essential defense? Look, Alexander has a lot of super champions, not 12 months to keep the title, 18-24 months I declare Krasyuk.

According to Vesti, never-a-world heavyweight champion Alexander Usik defeated British man Tony Bellew in Manchester. Ukraine overtook England in the eighth round. Bellew kissed Usik in the forehead after defeat.

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