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Red Bull Racer Max Verstappen crashes Esteban Okon.


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Foolish Circle Leader: Who will blame? Or is it a conspiracy?

The leader became stubborn, and the circle entered his side. Or is the prototype crazy? Or is it all the conspiracy of "Mercedes"?

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At the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, confidently won his second win at Force India's Esteban Windows driver. Rather, the French became a mess. With fresh soft tires, the French decided to return to the circle with him faster than the leader. When Windows was attacked, Verstappen did not understand the maneuver and brought in the internal trajectory, showing him that Force India did not miss it. Windows has either not understood that Max is stubborn or has decided that it will pass anyway. As a result, two cars collided in turn.

You can view the video playback of the accident in the Ingram account of Formula 1.

The following is a version of each side.

Max Verstappen: "Windows behaved like an idiot, tried to overtake, fight and circulate, I was happy with the second place, but I had to win, I won until I fainted on the second turn, and Windows imposed a fine, I know exactly who is wrong.I miss the victory and get punished.I hope in this situation that after 15 years we will laugh. "

Hamilton was not surprised at what happened between Verstappen and Okon.

Esteban Windows: "I drove 2 laps to Max.I was much faster at the first lap and much quicker in the second lap.Rule says riders can go back to my knees.I drove outside.I've been driving Alonso, I like the FIA's decision, but I want to make it clear that if you are faster, you will not be able to return to one lap In this game I caught up to seventh in the second turn, always close, but there was always an honest fight. "

If so, who will blame? You decide!

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The exciting nuances all know that Okon is part of the Mercedes youth program, and Mercedes Lewis Hamilton's pilots have won in the clash between Esteban and Verstappen. This immediately gave birth to a suspicion that Okon had knocked the Red Bull on the application of his own supporter. They even hinted it in Red Bull …

Helmut Marco: "The Mercedes driver promised to take place in 2020 crashes into the lead car.This is amazing.They should have told him:" This is the leader, he has a new tire, do not attack him. "And The fool receives a 10-second penalty. I expected a suspension for one game. "

Marco, will I tell Okon? I do not talk to fools.

In "forced delivery," they naturally expressed suspicion about the conspiracy. That said. Ottmar Jaffnaar: "This conspiracy is vague, and the pilot does not think of his position on the team in 2020. Esteban asked if he could get on the radio if he could get back to the circle faster. We had an advantage over rubber and caught up with our competitors, it was important to pass Max to the race, Esteban asked for permission and we agreed. Can you keep your team career on Windows?

Do you think Okon was simply a tool for "Mercedes"?

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