Saturday , February 4 2023

Pugacheva and Galkin can divorce because of fear of destroying children's minds – Fans


Age had to keep Prima Donna from having children in the standard way and to be assisted by a surrogate mother. Fans worry that the star will soon divorce because the fact that they can not accurately explain to their children why their mothers are older than their friends' parents.

One of the fans in the Instagram social network asked a reasonable question: "Can Pugacheva and Galkin explain the abnormal situation as they get older?" In fact, Harry and Lisa about star couples have given birth to surrogate mothers, but because it's so hard to explain this process to a 5-year-old, fans are concerned that Fugue Ceba and Kelkin might divorce because of fear of destroying their children's mind They will start asking a lot of questions because they will know that other children will have a younger parent, and their answers can greatly affect their perceptions of the world. Because celebrities can solve this problem by divorce.

But Harry and Lisa are smart enough kids, but because they do not understand the process happening in the human body and understand the worst, many fans think this is not an option and should not cut their shoulders right away. At the age of 13, it will not be hard to explain now. Because the child will at least understand the appropriate set of terms for recognition. And the best awareness will be at age 15 when you have the best anatomy and a scene for activities where your star parents can calmly describe the situation.

In any case, it is quite difficult to predict children's reactions to statements that their mothers did not produce themselves independently. Many fans still believe that Galkin and Pugacheva will soon reveal this secret to their children. Parents will pour out love and attention. This is not the way they are born, but the most important thing in raising a child.

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