Monday , October 26 2020

Player Marcel chose the teammate on & lips, after which he lost a goal of his transfer

Marcel midfielder Dimitri Payet was marked by an honorable remarkable action for a friendly game with Bordeaux (2: 1).

The soccer player gets team-mate Bouna Sarah at & l39; e support.

On Judge by the reaction of "Guinea" he was very surprised by a deed of Payet. It was obvious that Sarr clearly expected this from his teammates.

Then the video shows how PayS a score scores from Bouna's transfer.

"Connection," Dimitri signed this video.

In the last season, the midfielder scored for 38 matches for Marseille, the score 6 goals and gave 8 assistys.

Earlier, former teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic told how he kissed the Swede on his lips.

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