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People convicted of Tika's crime have commented on the death of Polo's madman – Ukraine


Through the Zhytomyr colony, people do not hide their joy and salvation.

listen Crime pologovskogo lunatic Ten people were imprisoned. Maxim Dmitrenko says that the actual killer was imprisoned only two years, Vitaly Cairo has been serving Weaver for five years, and some of the innocent convictions can no longer return to reality. TSN.19: 30.

Former Vice President of Cairo Vitali does not hide his joy. He will be released from prison for this unpaid crime only this autumn.He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for Pologovsky madman.He was not able to resist. He was tortured and threatened to kill his wife and daughter. "This is a kind of relief. I was afraid it might be released, "the man confesses, as soon as he seizes Vitali, he has served five years, and later succeeded in reuniting with his daughter, in a new job he sees symbolism He customizes the scales, the scales-the symbols of justice. "By chance," he says.

video"pologovskiy" Ten innocent people were imprisoned for the crime of a madman.

Maxim Dmitrenko came out just two years after the real killer was deployed. Vitaly Cairo served at Tkach for five years. Some of the innocent people could not return to normal peaceful lives. For those who have spent valuable time in crimes that have not committed in the plot.

In case of crime

For 25 years, Weber searched for and searched the girls, but he was accidentally caught when he could not find it and did his ID but did not worry that the criminal was too brazen to witness his actions. Weaver went to the funeral victims and watched the work of the investigators at the crime scene. For example, even when we were investigating the scene with a witness, we asked for help. They think they were able to detain him early. "Said Alexey Oder, professor of criminology at the Donetsk Institute of Law.

However, criticism of innocent people continued. The total victims of the system were 10. Igor Lizcove was sentenced to death in 1987 and he was 27 years old. Every day a man waited for him to execute him. He served 9.5 years. Maxim Dmitrenko was the last of the innocent prisoners released after arresting the real killer. The GPU has initiated a new investigation into this case at the request of TSN Tizhden. It took me half a year to mini- mize Maxim. After his release, Dmitrenko died two years later. Maxim could not go back to normal life.

Such a victim is Vladimir Svetlichny. He hung in the chamber. Weaver was detained in 2005. At first the murderer confessed to two murders, but later he talked about others. The investigator proved his involvement in 40 deaths, but he himself boasted that there were about 100 victims. Most children are under the age of 17. The youngest victim was only seven.

A cynical sickness who knew he had committed a crime is a psychologist-criminalist, Yuri Irkhin, a way to characterize a fanatic. Experts have long had the opportunity to avoid investigators' doubts by saying that convictions are very artistic. "Sergei was merciful, cheerful, angry, accused the police and undermined the honor of the police: he committed rape and murder, then made a faint noise in society," says a forensic psychologist. Afterwards, the GPU filed a lawsuit against law enforcement officers to commit innocent confessions. "Nobody thought it necessary to solve the crime," Igor Manuilenko, the prosecutor says.

A daughter of Cairo who has served innocently because of the crime of Kathmandu wants to work in the police. The father warns the girl. "You, my daughter, look!" So she has a little boy, a little boy, a little boy, a little boy, a little boy, a little boy, a little boy. The two colonels and Colonel who forced Cairo were convicted of torture and were sentenced to five years in prison but released directly from the court. The court and the victim asked not to deal with the law enforcement officer thoroughly. He says the executioners are already there. They spent more than a year in SIZO.

Correspondent TSN Valeria Cova Linski

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