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Pajkatt star player OG | Dota 2

OG called a player whose name will be in the closed quilt The Chongqing Major for Europe. It became a bitter kernel OpTic Gaming Per Anders Pajkatt Olsen Lille. As soon as the announcement released on Facebook, Lille will not be a constant, but a regular player.

19 ноября Анатон Ана Фам Instead of the OG and the second time the caretaker came out of the ranks: he was hit by a corolla after The International 2017, when OG excluded it from the scene. He returned to the Wall Street in January 2018 Team World. Затем он проступал за Echo International Team, and then The International 2018 returned to the OG and hit the world champion.

Following OpTic's debut in September 2018, Pajkatt has not joined the other team. At the WESG 2018, it will appear in the Fikaklubben, where you can play Ludwig Zai Walberg и Густав s4 Magnuson. 30 ноября команда поспорит с The Final Tribe for a place in the основном этапе турнира.

European season's second qualification will take place on November 28-30. Because of the participants in the tournament, three tournaments have taken three collections.

Per Anders Pajkatt Olsen Lille

Топиас Topson Таавитсайнен

Себастьян Ceb Дебс

Ессе JerAx Вайникка

Yohan nndt Sunshine

Ananas ana Pham (stock)

Participants of the closed European qualification:

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