Friday , July 30 2021

Olympic-style championships became Sergei Polunin's favorite

29-year-old Sergei Polunin presented his new dearest. Ballet dancer appeared at the Crocus Fitness Awards, found it in one of many metropolitan restaurants.

Sergei joined Elena Ilinykh at the event with the 24-year-old Olympic Championship. The dancer received a prize in a special nomination Best of the Best.

Sergey gave the stage, that the salary for him was unexpected. Polunin thanks the love for support. The network also appeared joint photo's of Helen and Sergey, her figure-skater was postponed in Stoarm.

Known, Earlier, Sergei Polunin met with the ballerina Helen Crawford, and also with the London Ballet Prima Natalia Osipova.

In short, the dancer often publishes for provocative posts on Instagram. He owes the final men fat, Then in Paris with him broke the contract. The ballet dancer told how he was valued with Vladimir Putin.

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