Saturday , May 28 2022

North Sea Brent oil prices slightly down, WTI price rises


In today's trading in Asia, the "black gold" price of the reference mark shows weak and multi-directional changes, investors have responded to US fuel reserves and monitor the production of OPEC + countries.

Brent crude for January delivery fell $ 0.04 to $ 72.03 a barrel in London's Wen Jiabao (ICE Futures Exchange). At the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) conference, WTI crude futures prices rose $ 61.72 to $ 0.05 per barrel, Interfax reported.

Vadim Iosub says Alpari's senior analyst, "Wednesday's volatility has increased, but that day has virtually no change." "The trading starts at $ 71.7 per barrel and the noon (oil price) has risen to $ 73.5 per barrel. The growth engines are Russia and Saudi Arabia's oil market imbalances in the fourth quarter and oil production as part of next year's OPEC + And the possibility of reducing it.

But he said during the early days of the US Trade Commission that the US Department of Energy's weekly oil reserves would increase by 5.8 million barrels while at least 2.4 million barrels would increase. "The price of the barrel went down to $ 71.3 per barrel, and at the end of the day it recovered to $ 71.9 and we recorded some plus on Wednesday," he said.

Today's trading for Brent crude is at $ 71.2 to $ 72.7 a barrel per day, and "the medium term, determined by the nearest level of support and resistance, has fallen to $ 71.1-77.9."

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