Friday , April 23 2021

"Nice eyes": Astafyeva has a sore breast, photo

    Beautiful Eyes: Astafieva has a nipple breast


Dasha Astafieva

Candidate snapshot of 'singer caused mixed responses from network users. One claims a play of a star, others speak of plastic surgery.

Ukraine singer Dasha Astafieva, famous for her love for france, appeared in a transparent dress. Close adapted fabric shows a full neck breast. Snapshot star posted on its page on Instagram.

On a black and white photo, Astafieva is dressed in a handsome dress made of transparent fabric. Thus the star breasts its neck. In the comments to the snapshot, the singer wrote that she only agreed to this sharpness, the idea of ​​being there prevented them.

Users rated Astafyeva an image of over 41 thousand love and many compliments. There were bids to take the singer as the standard of the beauty, and also to admire the photo forever. But there were those who wrote that the "eyes" of their singer were not real, and asked what Astafeva had blown their breasts.

Astafieva previously appeared semi-nude in red perfumes. The correspondence also reported that Dasha Astafieva published a new clip Zima.

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