Monday , May 17 2021

News from Kiev – The driver of a bus in Kiev falls on the wrong thing – photo

A photo appeared in the network in which the cyclist of a minibus in Kiev met the need for a bicycle.

Messages about the "Kiev operative".

"In order not to free my church china, a minibus 439 disappears into its final product in 'finale. Loved trips, passengers', said in a statement

During the post appeared sarcastic reactions from readers.

"21st Century, people have been developed in the opposite direction," "There is probably something sharp," "And what could that be?", "For the Oscar photo)," "There are such holes In – floor, you will not notice, water from the bottle will rotate and normally wash the toilet ", – write comment.

As reported by "Apostle", despite dozens of pastures in Kiev, one of the passengers of # 39; The bus will not wake you up and watch as you stay in a beach in Turkey.

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