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network in rape, Volochkova and Vdovin

The Russian dancer Anastasia Volochkova at the end of the New Year discovered a secret she lasted for a long time. The dancer showed her love.

After the great surprise of the fans, they were the former man of Volochkova and the father of her daughter Ariadne, businessman Igor Vdovin. A picture with him ballerina puts on her site on Instagram.

"The most important thing is that the closest people are close: my daughter and my dearest man.

Your year has thought about who I live with and how. Looking for my husband in hands, watches, guts and hands. You wrote that Arisha was gone and I didn't have anything in return, because I am always with my dearest and they are with me, "Volochkova wrote in her group of" The Year. "

The network has clearly responded to a new ballerina lover. Some women ask in family management. Others warned Volochkov about the danger.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Volochkova has earlier intensified on rumors about their new love, which it does not appear in "Russian media."

In short, the miserable citizen of a security guard at a Moscow hotel said that the ballerina has a relationship with her husband. Anastasia also gave her a lover, but she never had a romance with a guard.

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