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Nardep Palamarchuk hopes the probe will prove his innocence on attempt at Gandzyuk


Bloc Mykola Palamarchuk, an associate professor at Blok Poroshenko, said, "As if no one is interested in an objective and expeditious investigation of the mass activist Yekaterina Gandzyuk."

MP Mykola Palamarch of Petro Poroshenko's Blok is convinced that he has nothing to do with the assassination attempt of public activist Yekaterina Gandzyuk. This November 12 BPP's press service.

"I declare that I am not interested in the objective and expeditious investigation of crimes against Ekaterina Gandzyuk and the establishment of all those involved in crime, as is anyone, I have no connection with crime and have nothing to do with events related to Ekaterina Gandzyuk. The investigation should be subject to law enforcement officials, and I will end up mentioning my name because of this tragic event, "he said.

The Deputy Director recalled that he had disbanded his freelance assistant, Igor Pavlovski, as soon as he found out the media that he was involved in a crime against Gandzyuk.

Gan Duke sulfate On the morning of July 31, near the entrance to her house in Herzog. More than 30% of her body was burned with chemical burns, and the mountains reached her back, head, arms, and eyes. August 1st Delivered to Kiev For further treatment. Gan Duke We have moved more than 10 jobs.

Alleged in the Gandzyuk case According to investigators, Sergei Torbin, Vladimir Vasyanovich, Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, Viktor Gorbunov, Nikita Grabchuk, and others, have. They are members of a volunteer group who have participated in hostilities in eastern Ukraine. Crime customers have not been nominated yet.

On November 4, Catherine Gandzyuk died.

The police reviewed all criminal prosecution procedures against activists, ranging from an article titled "Torture and Attempted Murder" to "planned murder", and then moved all data from the Gandzyuk case to the main investigative unit of the SBU.

On Nov. 5, the Newsroom telegraph channel, led by reporters Tatyana Nikolaenko and Oksana Denisova, cited Pavlovsky's own source suspected of transferring money to Torbin.

Pavlovski knew about Torin, but the host country She did not get involved in her death.

On 12 November, law enforcement officer arrested Pavlovsky.

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