Thursday , January 20 2022

Militants "DNR" are severely transferred to the barracks. News


In Temporarily visited Donetsk, & # 39; The "DPR" is driven transmitted to the locker situation. Here is what the "Donbass Vedomosti" have learned.

Due to the events that are related to the visit of Russian Federation by the naval forces of # 39; the Army of Ukraine, are militants of "DPR" in # 39; Temporarily occupied Donetsk and other localities were transferred to the barracks. At the same time, the majority of residents of temporary occupied areas decides on the sound of & # 39; the Russian Federation on television.

Here's what the Pitmen write in social networks:

"The members were called in # rows, they ran from the mornings Grandma's worrying about pensions .. Sepna hit the" debt ","

"Assess the conversations in Donetsk's minibus, as well as in … and … th … The only thing that's in … shakes is that in a … not a bit of punch with stones , I have not seen Russia from war, and so after all, d … also to the orcs. "

The stylistics and spelling of authors have been completely preserved.

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