Tuesday , January 25 2022

Microsoft has re-released the October 10 update for Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server version 1809.


Then we say, "Only idiots partition the disk." And it's not far from saying "And fools only store data on a device with Windows." Well, seriously.

So you can do whatever you want with a file dumping disk, do not hit the partition, do not hit it, but in the system drive "C", the best SSD should be the OS and the program you need. You do not know how he goes out when you find a person to sort your computer, but you have a cry as if you were saving your documents as defaults as well as folders on the system disk. It's not a problem, but it takes time. It is also more complicated if users of the system partition store documents with 1-2 TB of disk space.
Chef otpaival valerian when he flew OS, and a disk "C" doctoral dissertation !!!!! Of course, it is saved, but the question "What ….. ….." is answered. "And it is very convenient for me!" And like my cook, the shell between the users is like a naked dog.

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