Friday , April 23 2021

Member of Mighty Triad Agility: "I don't think there is one specific solution for all problems in Artifact" Artifact

Member WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility Mark Petrify Fittipaldi The artifact cannot be changed for the better with a single patch. In an interview with VPEsports, he tried at the moment to find the game a system of progress, and also talked about the closed beta test.

About the state of artifact

"I don't think there is one solution to all artifact issues. In general, the game is just great and it gets better with every patch. People will complain about random and random attacks-attacks-directions up to the very end of the game. But I hope every day understands that a player can influence these things, and it seems to me that the cause of the anger of the public was a combination of adverse circumstances.

The main thing I would like to see in Artifact is a real system of progress and rank. Valve is certain that it works, so it is only a time. I didn't want the same thing with the game like GWENT. It does not require global processing. "

About closed beta test

"In beta, there were many different players with different views. If I got this list, the day and night discussed various aspects of Artifact. For example, I was against the fact that in & # 39; a design may be able to use the same people as the base, but many do not have this idea, so I do not think there has been a shortage of players in the beta beta, but I am sure that an open test would solve the few problems faster, but it would never change anything. "

On January 14, the number of active users of Artifact dropped below two thousand. Based on the Steam Charts scheme, Valve's CCI has lost 61% of players in the last month. At the day of an online release, Artifact was back 60,000.

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