Wednesday , July 28 2021

MARUV Instagram has been criticized for Russia's love

MARUV proved his love for Russia: the network is overpowering

MARUV gave her love for Russia (photo:

MARUV was strengthened by users.

MARUV, who kissed the girl at a concert in St. Petersburg, was criticized by Russia's networking lovers. Post relevant comments on Instagram under the fresh photo & # 39; s that has starred on their site.

Actress Anna Korsun, who went to Russia with concerts, refused to go to the game in Israel, was critically criticized by Ukraine users.

"Saint Petersburg was great, I am in with you," the imprint made the image successful.

Photo: (

Ukrainians consider the singer with her performances in Russia to mislead her country and criticize her for such a distortion. In addition, the girl published & # 39; the new club Siren Song, where & # 39; its image was too much and challenged:

  • Why so many humps in & quot; clips?
  • They probably sleep and dream about Russia. I do not believe them from the beginning.
  • They deceive all people …
  • Ukraine wanted to send you to Eurovision, of course, do not believe that you are giving concerts in Russia. Now you can see how & # 39; t you are Ukraine.
  • Cheap dirt.

Previously, MARUV has shown new pixel images.

We also wrote that just last week Anna Korsun finally left a song for the song Siren song, so she shared in a national selection. And it must be determined that the video came under the stamp "18+".

It was also reported that MARUV claimed the fans in his underweight (photo).


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