Wednesday , March 3 2021

Lyche can not come to Ukraine for the match with Shakhtar | Football

Photo – Shakhtar Press Office

Chairman of "Lion" Jean-Michel Ola He said he did not know how his team was after the match of # sixth round of # 39; the class of podium of Champions League against Shakhtar. Ola quotes Actu fo:

"The Arsenal match in Ukraine has taken over, we do not know whether we go to the Ukraine, according to the political situation, it is difficult to find an airplane to go there."

The meeting between Shakhtar and Lof was held on December 12 in Kharkov.

Note: "Shakhtar" in a duel with "lion" will only be satisfied with a victory. In every other scenario, Pitmen does not make the 1/8 final of the tournament.

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