Friday , January 28 2022

Lolita is bequest to drive the ashes from Ukraine


In this way, the artist hopes to reunite with her motherland.

On her 55th birthday (November 14th, the actress will celebrate the anniversary) Lolita Milavskaya on the eve announced her covenant. This singer has asked her to expel her dust from three countries: Bulgaria with her home, Ukraine where she lives, and Ukraine where she lives. In an interview with Andrei Malakhov, the lolita talked about his magazine "StarHit".

– And take the third (part of the remains – formal) to Ukraine. At least this is how I unify my homeland again, "Milyavskaya said.

Lolita Milyavskaya was born in Mukachevo in the Transcarpathian region and went to school in Lviv and Kiev. At the age of 18, Lolita entered college in Tambov, and after graduation she returned to Ukraine and worked in Odessa for several years. A 24 – year – old artist lives in Moscow.

In April 2017, Lolita was banned from entering Ukraine for three years due to Kerch's concert. It has been removed from the train in the Konotop region of the Sumy region. This time the singer's daughter Eva lives in Kiev. In the fall, I will move to Poland and study at the University of Warsaw.

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