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Juka's eyes, Gona suit and other auto industry events – Auto Review

Publishing another teaser for crossover Nissan juke second generation. The company asks "to keep your eyes open" and returns the date from the beginning – September 3. The model is not mentioned, although it is evident from the characteristic form of headgear that this is precisely about Juku.

Also published is the teaser for the interior of a future electric crossover. BMW iNext. The main function is the send, which has no round but a hexagonal edge. In addition, optical fibers are embedded in other side sections, the color of which indicates unattended and normal driving mode, and also attracts the attention of & # 39; a manager if his intervention is necessary. Serial BMW iNext is expected in 2021.

Seat published today also their teaser. It shows a coupe-shaped electric crossover mark Cupra. This is the first electric model of an independent brand: the car is probably built on the electric platform MEW of a caring Volkswagen. The debugging of the model will be held at the September Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Electroversion will be and SUV Cadillac escalade new generation. At least that's what the Cadillac Society community does with reference to insiders at General Motors. The SUV, built on the Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra pickup truck platform, will be released next year. And its electrical modification will be equipped with a large traction battery and will be able to drive 400 miles (644 km) on one load.

Concerned FCA officially confirmed the transaction for the transfer of Carsharing operator Delimobil car & # 39; s Fiat 500. The event that proved to be important to the worries was the introduction of an international press communication. True, the accompanying photo shows the usual fixture without a characteristic color.

At the stadium in Moscow VEB-Arena the company's park is open Hyundai. The zone is on the roof of the parking lot with more bays and will offer the whole season a variety of activities for adults and children. The owners of Hyundai cars will benefit practically: parking for their days of PFC CSKA matches will be free, subject to the request form.

Photo: JOURNAL / Alexander Kazakov

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia summarized the results of car purchase purchases for cars & # 39; s purchases. The agency will take 3.5 thousand Skoda Octavia cars with a 1.8 TSI engine (180 hp) in the amount of 6.98 billion rubles. This means that each car costs 2 million rubles (including special equipment), while pricelist pricing for one Octavia starts at 1 million 449 thousand rubles.

Carlos Ghosn the companies pursued Nissan and Mitsubishi. The court case states that, according to the laws of the Netherlands, Carlos was illegally dismissed from both companies: Ghosn is a tax resident of this country, furthermore, the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is legally registered in Amsterdam. The amount of the claim is 15 million euros.

Also today we are talking about two new models of Saleen, the updated Audi SQ7 crossover, Russian prizes for the XRAY Cross Lada with a variator and seven seats Mitsubishi Outlander crossover, a hybrid version of the Hyundai Sonata sedan, an Ecurie LM69 sports car and the only Audi Q7 crossover motor for Russia.

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