Wednesday , May 12 2021

In the United States opened the fastest electrical car charging stations

Now, California has access to the fastest ladder for electric appliances on planet. Electrify America installed the first 350 kW public available ladders at Simon San Francisco Premium sales in the Livermore Valley, 60 kilometers from San Francisco.

Now there are two super-fast stations in the malliïnest in addition to eight new ladders that use only 150 kW. If you join a car, it will learn a lot in 10 minutes that it can ride 320 km.

There is only one problem: cars that use 350 kW ladders can not yet appear. It expects that the Porsche Taycan does not appear earlier than 2020, and even recently introduced VW cars, such as the Audi E-Tron, can not work with a capacity of more than 150 kW.

Formerly, Google has placed training programs on their cards. To search, simply enter "loading stations" or "upload" – Google will find those close to you. The service will show which types of ports are available, how much of it, and also the speed of sending the station. There will be left instructions for how to properly rent the car. Google Maps will include traditional user administrators, photos, and general classifications in the search results.

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