Monday , November 29 2021

In Poland, the case was created due to a sticker with a trident on a car in Ukraine


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The charge was that the trident was not depicted on red blue background, but read on a black

The police of Przemyśl put a study on the discovery of a sticker with the emblem of Ukraine on the car of a teacher of # and Lviv Polytechnic Ivan Kulchytsky.

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On November 17, Tomaszl resident of Peremyshl remained the car of Kulchitski and told the police for a trident sticker on the back. The charge was that the trident was not depicted on red blue background, but read on black.

"They called the local police for whom the situation was a certain" meningitis ", because there was a clear wound of all street rules by their citizens, and on the other hand, these citizens committed us to a crime Under the new version of Polish law, the totalitarianism banits some Ukrainian symbols for the police and their local experts are the problem of identifying the essence of the case, we deserve several hours in different descriptions and explanations l, you can be wounded by car in the car park, " – Tell Kulchitsky in his Facebook.


The police officer pointed out a statement by Tomasz on delay to share a crime under Part 1 of Article 256 of the Polish Penal Code. Kulchytsky was regarded as a witness. He refused the sticker from the car. On Tuesday, November 20th, the police began a formal investigation of the case.

Kulchitsky also gave a complaint to the police. He said he had consolidated the consul general in Lublin, Vasyl Pavlyuk, on this incident, and looked into consideration for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and other departments, writes.

Please refer to this summer Poznan city in the west of Poland Three people with machete attacked the Ukrainians.

Before this, in May, as reported, the village Ljochtkow near Warsaw Unknown persons fell to three citizens of Ukraine and brutally one of them to beat with baseball beats.

Also in February For two citizens of Ukraine attacked in Warsaw, while Believe them for their nationality.

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