Friday , April 23 2021

In Odessa, at the entrance of "catacombs", a homeless person found two bodies, the police working on the stage.

On Tuesday, January 22, the bodies of two dead are found in Odessa in the resort area of ​​Arkady. This has been reported by the local edition of

Anything known to the body was discovered by a homeless man, who decided the day before to spend the night in catacombs at the Health Route. According to the publication, the bodies of & # 39; are dead at the entrance to the catacombs.

The research operative group from & # 39; the police works on & # 39; e side. They provide the necessary expertise. Open criminal check under the article "Intensional homicide".

Earlier, Strana wrote that the lost girl was found in Kiev, along with her mother's "body".

Tpkzhe we reported that in Kiev on the street Raduzhnaya at the entrance found the body of a man who was stuck in the heart.

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