Tuesday , October 26 2021

In Krum, an official of # Security Service of Ukraine was recorded in # 39; e Kerch Street


The Kiev court court of Simferopol arrested Andrei Drach of Ukraine's Security Service (SBU), the # 39 military on the Ukraine's military boat Nikopol in # 39; confirming Kerch Street, reports Interfax.

Dracha was arrested until January 25, 2019, as the other 12 imported Ukrainian seafarers, whose decision was taken over the 27th day, on 27 November.

In total, 24 Ukraine seamen were killed in illegal cross-border circles, border crimes in Russia which were recorded on November 25 in # 39; e Kerch Street. They have been imprisoned for up to six years. Some of them have already been included.

On November 28, a court in Crimea has a preventive measure for 9 Ukrainian seafarers. For 12 heelers, the measure of provision was decided on November 27. The trial of the three wounded Ukrainian cameras are held in Kerch, but the date is still unknown.

Calling that after launching three Ukrainian ships in Kerch Street, martial array was introduced in 10 regions of Ukraine.

Previously, "Strana" wrote that the fake Ukrainian seams were held in the women's block of Simferopol SIZO.

We reported that Germany offered Ukraine to prove to its version of events in Kerch Street.

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