Friday , April 23 2021

Ilon Musk proposes to lower the price for the future circular colliding

The Large Hadron Collider of the European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN) has been closed for modernization for two years, but researchers are already seeing new design projects, including the Future Circular Collider (FCC), a new particle protection project. ; created by the Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics. Hadron Collider (LHC). To build the most powerful particle accelerator in any world, you need a tunnel about 100 kilometers long.

The head of The Boring Company, Elon Musk, does not want to miss this opportunity. In answer At the MIT Technology Review tweet writes a circular collider, Mr Musk heard that he was talking about that with CERN director Fabiola Gianotti and that the participation of the Boring Company could save millions of euros. If that is true, then his help would probably be likely.

Arnaud Marsollier, co-founder of CERN, confirmed that Ilon Musk and Fabiola Janotti recently had the opportunity to meet informally in a Royal Association and to move briefly on upcoming projects, while the director of & # 39; e Boring Company talks about its technical capabilities. The parsing service, however, has said that the organization is officially for new efficient technologies that help to accomplish the task, including the empty tunnels.

The principle of collider operation is to earn portions after an unlocked speed at a locked gate and collide them for & # 39; the purpose of scientific experiments. Above the CERN report on the concept of design of the Future Circular Collider, 1.5,000 sinners from 150 universities worked for 5 years. The FCC will be the size of the Big Hadron four times and will lie next to Geneva (Switzerland). When it works in full force, it can push particles up to 10 times more energy.

CERN physicists hope that this will make us better investigate the character of a Higgs boson, which gives it its mass to all extent, and will open the door to an uncanny field of practical science, which you & # 39; 39; t help to solve some hefty questions. For example, what does dark content do or why is the quantity of things larger than antimatter? The biggest problem is that the existing model of physics does not properly explain the universe, for example, nature of gravity. But the LHC has not yet provided a basis for alternative theories.

It is meant that the construction of the tunnel even costs $ 5.7 billion. Another $ 4.6 billion is required for the first collider (intended for a collision of partial lips). After that, $ 17 billion will be used to build the final collider, which could not push the proton together. If the project is approved, it can be entered at 2040.

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