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Exchange rates – How long will the dollar fall to & # 39; a Ukrainian mark?

The Ukrainian exchange rate from & # 39; e Ukraine to & # 39; a foreign exchange market bank on July 23, strengthened to UAH 25,6325 / $ 1 from UAH 25.6625 / $ 1 at & # 39; the previous working day

The day was very lively, and the shells constantly rocked between buyers and sellers. However, this does not prevent the National Bank from buying the desired $ 20 million mark, today it concludes deals for UAH 25.60 / $, reports

"Today's course dynamics is a reflection of the precarious balance of supply and demand delivered by the diverse interests of market participants. Against a background of VAT repayment period, the next auction of the ministry of Finance on the placement of government-backed bonds based on hryvnia and the stability of the cash market, "Kunen described.

The state treasury has traditionally started to pay VAT on small amounts: on July 23, the company received only 356.6 million UAH. Therefore, the currency traders spend less attention on this side, and actively check the placements by the Ministry of Finance for new government bond issues (government bonds).

"The new auction surprised everyone a bit. The transfer of government bonds was expected to amount to 4.5-5 billion UAH, but in fact it turned out to be significantly more – 6.95 billion UAH. So the money holders had to have their trading strategy change route, close currency positions ", – noted financial expert Vasily Nevmerzhitsky.

From the main vendors of currencies today, Citibank, which serves foreigners to buy government bonds, was pronounced. Like the state Ukrgasbank. The brand still asks who's dollar the last sale – its own or the most important customer. That is, Naftogaz. Most gossips claim that the currency is Naftogaz. How long Ukrgasbank will sell it and the hryvnia boost is unclear.

In the cash market, the dollar became twice as cheap, and cumulatively dipped with 10 kopecks a day. In the evening, the average selling price of & # 39; US & # 39; people in a wide range – 25,80-26,0 UAH / $. The minimum is 25.65 UAH / $, and the maximum is 26.15 UAH / $. Buy people's currency in the amount of 25.45-25.77 UAH / $.

For tomorrow, financiers provide several forecasts. For example, Oleg Kurinnoy is waiting for trading in the range of 25.65-25.75 UAH / $, and Vasily Nevmerzhitsky tells about the further strengthening of & rsquo; s hrs.

"Non-residents will have to pay Greek government bonds, so that they develop the currency and move bids closer to the 25,60 UAH / $ level. The situation can only be changed by a large VAT payment, but usually the Treasury billions start to pay at the very end of a month, – noted Nevmerzhitsky.

Previously, bankers explained why the dollar was lowered to & # 39; the first day after the elections.

We wrote that the NBU is of the opinion that the investments of non-residents in government bonds do not lead to a standard in Ukraine.

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