Tuesday , November 30 2021

Daughter of Olya Polyakova showed a pole-trick photo


The girl serves success in this form of dance.

Daughter of Olya Polyakova Masha. Photo: instagram.com/mashapolyakova

Daughter of Olya Polyakova Masha. Photo: instagram.com/mashapolyakova

The oldest daughter of singer Olya Polyakova, Masha, began to dance dance, let her first successes show in this form of dance. So, the 13-year-old girl has shown what tricks they can do.

On the page in the photoblog, Masha has included a photo there on her head on the head. The girl with her legs keeps on building and helps her with her hand. In # title to the picture, daughter Polyakova thanks her dance education.


Masha Polyakova

Photo: instagram.com/mashapolyakova

Masha's followers made a lot of compliment to her and said she was very good. "Just a Good Girl," "Cool, still a little and you reach the" waterfall "," Masha, super! This is incredible, "" I have lost the weight so much, very cool for you, "followers comment.

Note, not so long ago, Olya Polyakova shared a photo there she posed in a swimsuit. Named in the same place and also in a swimwear, the singer poses a picture of her daughter Masha. But not everyone saw the joy. Another thought of Olga for the fact that they presented such a picture of a 13-year-old girl, and one criticized the character of Masha. Untold by the reaction of supporters, Polyakova replied sharply to all the horrors in # 39; the emotional video.


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