Wednesday , September 28 2022

Chrome for smartphones has been around for a long time.


Chrome for smartphones has been around for a long time.At the request of millions of people in the Chrome browser, protection for the first time has been shown to be offensive.

There is often a message on the network that contains information about how subscribers connect to paid subscriptions without consent to the phone number. Everyone blames their mobile operator for this problem, but in fact they are not responsible.

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In fact, if you use the mobile Internet on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks and click on some links, you can automatically connect to paid subscriptions.

As we know today from the developer's official blog, the 71st edition of Google Chrome for Android and iOS-based smartphones shows paid subscriptions that are essential for all the features needed to protect the people of every country in the world. This Internet browser is scheduled for release in December 2018, but now anyone can test out new features by installing a beta version. The key is to let users know when you open a link to a paid subscription.

Our research shows that more than 3 million Chrome users each month browse your site through mobile subscriptions and click on links to make money off your account each month. In newer versions of popular web browsers, when you try to download a page where you can spend money on your phone's account, you'll see a message that you may forget. He has to answer, keep watching, or go back.

Google Chrome has received a long-awaited feature.

Because alerts are displayed on the full screen, the probability of accidentally activating a paid subscription is zero. According to the "Search Giant", every company must first ask for consent independently for a paid subscription connection, but no one will do it in 2018 when seeking their own interests. If you click on the link to a phone number, you will receive an SMS with information that successfully connects to your SMS subscription and withdraws money on the first day of use. It is generally not possible to return. If you download the 71st version of Google Chrome in December of this year, it will be available on the App Store (iOS) and G Play (Android).

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