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Chaliapin became serious when he talked about his deceased wife


The newly created widower is of the opinion that he has nothing to thank anyone for in the story of his wife’s death.

Prokhor Chaliapin is no longer smiling. Photo:

The singer Prokhor Chaliapin, always sparkling with a radiant smile, was not laughing. Following the story of the death of his American wife Tatiana-Claudia Davis, the 37-year-old artist once again became a target for various rumors and gossip, which are immediately reflected in the press. And now the Star Factory graduate, who often made his personal life public, does not like it.

On October 10, he posted his photo on Instagram without a smile and spoke quite sharply about the situation around him.

“I absolutely do not care what the haters say, and what nonsense they write in the media about my tragedy. Everything you see in me is not mine, it is yours … Mine is what I see in you … “- wrote Prokhor.

He notes again that he explained the whole truth about this story in the transmission of Andrei Malakhov, and all the rest of the information deserves no attention.

“I will not apologize for my life and the death of Tanya – I am not guilty of anything,” Chaliapin snapped.

He also thanked his “real” friends and those who look to this situation “with a bright soul” for the support.

Note that in late July, the artist in Las Vegas married the owner of a network of law firms in Canada. But later, his third official wife contracted coronavirus and died on September 25.

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