Wednesday , February 24 2021

Cellphone with Mars has sent InSight Appeal »Word and Delo

InSight's cosmic agent agency NASA transferred with Mars is one of the scenes of the Red Planet in the aftermath.

InSight Space Agency Researcher NASA transferred to the Mars Market of the Red Planet, which was held in the day after the announcement.

On Friday, November 27, the Press Service of the US Department of Foreign Affairs, Writing & Speaking

«The broken camera, which takes place in the hands of InSight by NASA, made a scene on the Martian nightstand on November 26 – the same day as it landed on the Red Planet", – explains NASA.

According to information, the film was transferred to the land of Odyssey, a cosmopolitan cosmic pharmaceutical company, which is currently operating on the orbital floor of Mars.

Earned InSight Research Center InSight, NASA was transmitted to Mars with the first snowstorm of the planet, but it was not as valuable as a desktop wallpaper.

Nameless, automated control unit InSight was launched on May 5, and on November 26, a rush on marsh was swept away. It is expected that two-year apportioners will study the Red Planet for studying inside and out.

In NASA, however, the most rugged skies in the world were shining and showed the first sunshine of the sun's crown.

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