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Bibi Andresson died on April 14 – best actress roles

Ingmar Bergman's star of film masters died

Illustrative photo: candles (RBC-Ukraine)

The actress left a warrior ten years ago.

Swedish actress Bibi Andersson died on April 14 in Stockholm at 83 years. She became famous for an unkempt game in various films by cult director Ingmar Bergman, who considered Berit Elizabeth Andersson one of her favorite actresses.

Bible is in & nbsp; the nursing home in Sweden since they resubmitted to & # 39; e capacities to speak as a result of a stick in 2009, according to the Washington Times.

Andersson was in the late fifties a worldwide post-release release of Bergman's Seventeen Seal (The Seventh Seal), Wild Strawberry and Face films.

Video: Persona 1966 Trailer Ingmar Bergman Bibi Andersson

One of the best roles is considered to be the role of & # 39; a toddler Alma in "movie" Persona.

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Photo: Bibi Andersson (

"She has been sick for many years, and this is hard, I learned that Bibi has died today," said a friend and director Christina Olofsson, writes the Stockholm newspaper Aftonbladet.

Bibi debuted with Bergman at the age of 15, starting in a television commercial.

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Photo: Bibi Andersson (image not available)

In total, the famous director took the actress in 11 of his films.

The last film with its participation was released in 2009. The photo was called "Frost" (De Frost).

Bibi has been married to Dr. Gabriel Baez since 2004. She was previously married to writer and filmmaker Chell Grede and politician Per Almark.

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Photo: Bibi Andersson (

When previously reported, died on April 9 at the age of 73, a restored actor of theater and cinema, painter of Ukraine Peter Benyuk.

We also wrote that in March, ordered artists of Ukraine died Zinaida Tsesarenko. She worked for more than 50 years at the National Academy Drama named after Ivan Franko. The actress was 82 years old.

Serving April 3, Alexei Buldakov died. The actor was 68 years old. He was found in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

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