Monday , November 29 2021

Ani Lorak in Kiev sings New Year's fire


The famous singer Ani Lorak, who lives most time in Russia, is back in the UK capital. She came to Kiev for a reason, not so.

She reports on her arrival in Ukraine in the social network. First, she published a photo of a suitcase, which she assumed she was in Kiev. Later she gave herself a concert color matching silver coin. "We make a lot of surprises for you!", Singer signed the picture.

If it was clear, Ani Lorak will participate in the recording of New Year's "Blue Light" on Inter TV channel. Perhaps she will perform her new song "The Dream", which she presented in October. In the composition of the composition, the executive, in the process of earning her husband due to his adulterer, expresses the emotions associated with the crackdown of her learned person.

In short, the singer admits she has a lot of debt. And all because they show their new concert "Diva", which costs her more than $ million and sends her in a debt file.

Lorak also promised to do in Ukraine. The singer appeared in Kiev for her show "Diva", which then went on a tour of Russia and Belarus. On her side in the social network, her fans were puzzled with questions about future trips. Many fans asked Ani Lorak to show their show in Ukraine, where the singer replied: "It will." Other questions about cities that you can wait to wake up, Lorac refused.

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