Tuesday , October 26 2021

American movie critics have chosen the finest of the year


The National Socialist Council of the United States of America has named the best-selling film of the year. Primea has released the "Green Book", the Green Book, the American-born American penguin by Farrell Farrell.

This is the deadline.

The famous actress Viggo Mortensen, who played this role in the role of votator and the American pianist Dan Shirley. The actress has become the legend of Gagi, who played one of the greatest roles in the movie "The Star".

The famous director of the name Bradley Cooper, the muzikale "Star of the Riddle". The ultimate animation film is recognized by the Pixar Studio project "The Incredible 2".

Ceremony will be held on January 8, 2019 at the NBR Awards in New York.

Napoleon, Gollywu's star Nicol Kidman said that he did not want his daughters to smile the last movie "The Razor", in which the actress played the leading role.

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