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Zahir Saleh (Palestine) – on normalization with Israel

About normalization with Israel

Zahir Saleh (Palestine)

April 15

It is not strange to say that one of our ability to take up topics and events that will quickly and dubiously take steps and get the questions into the mind and get things mixed. And how Arab governments abolish their long-standing history with the Zionist occupation by the scam for normalization with them, and regard the enemy as "Arab salvation" as a union of matter in & # 39; t face regional challenges, they cite? For whom? What is the purpose?

Speaking about chasing and tampering with the process of normalization with the Zionist occupation include Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, where normalization takes place below the table in a whole show, and the biggest beneficiary is the Zionist entity .
Since the first day of & # 39; e usurpear in the occupied country of Palestine, resting & # 39; calling the Arab world will be the greatest occupation performance as one of the & # 39; the region and accepting the Arabs, that means living in peace and security with the Arab neighbors at the expense of a Palestinian cause and the rights of & # 39; a Palestinian people. This will lead to alliances with the Zionist entity and establish a variety of security, trade, tourism, cultural and initial investment. Netanyahu did not say in what he said Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are now competing in the threshold of normalizing relations with the Zionist colonial state. According to him, Arab governments, behind the scenes, have been cooperating with the Zionist entity in an unknown way, and did not see any opening to their relations with the Zionist entity.
We can ask the Arab countries to become the calculation, public or secret normal: What are the benefits that Egypt and Jordan reached on the day they recognized Israeli and diplomatic relations with them established? The Egyptian economy remained weak, despite the financial support of America, and Egypt remained wounded, and there was a threat to the water of & # 39; a Nile!
It is no longer a departure from normalization of relationships with the Zionist entity who deactivates their ears, and no longer satisfies and condemns which devastating effect of some Arab governments begin to receive from the Zionists receiving a formal scene of & # 39; 39; a Zionist face, and the flag of an Israeli entity along with the knowledge of & # 39; e Arabian regime. Arab law in Palestine, and Arabic position, no longer has any value value, nor has identity, nor even shame and shame, a place in & # 39; memory and conscience & # 39; the guardians of this regime.
One of the things that makes the rare one is the Arab alliance with an American president recognized by Jerusalem as the capital of & # 39; recognized a Zionist entity and recognized the Golan as part of Israel. Who has the objects is the US position so: Do ​​you want your direction to stay or change? If you choose to keep the regime, you must press relationships with the Zionists and offer the obedience, otherwise? These regimes have not distinguished their daggers and swords from the breast of Palestine and their peoples between halal and haraam, between dissolution and divinity. They have the opening & # 39; traveling the doors of the mosque to celebrate Zionism's reception, Merai Regev. The blood of young Palestinians and their young women in the hands of & # 39; a Zionist occupation, it began to earn from the assassination of young Palestinians in cold blood, while the heat of & # 39; killers reception every day in & # 39; e Arab collision emerges.

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