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Yemeni children secure 47th national day


In & # 39; the celebration of & # 39; The 47th National Day will be Sharjah Children of the Fourth Quarter Foundation for the Industries of Leaders and Innovators held on November 26 at the Palace of Culture in Sharjah, with the participation of 188 children from & # 39; the descendants of Shariah. The values ​​of loyalty and loyalty to father's father and father are trying to highlight the possibilities and talents of the Principality's children in various technical fields and development.

The Operetta, in collaboration with the Information Office of the Highest Council for Social Affairs in Sharjah, has eight paintings, dramatic paragraphs and songs on the palm of Uncle Said, as a symbol of # 39; the long-standing values ​​in UAE that Uncle Said wants to show to his grandparents in a way where love and intentions are heard. And the importance of working on her construction and Renaissance, from the performance of a group of talented employees of "Sharjah Children", shared by the star of the theater and drama Emirati artist Abdullah Saleh.

The children of centers in Sharjah and the Central East Region Expressing their gratitude and loyalty to the extensive leadership who believe in their capabilities and talents and ensures that generations and future leaders see the process of development, development and development through the UAE.

It is composed by Sala Gabesh, Director of the Culture and Information Office of the High Affairs Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, the starring Abdullah Saleh, and the poems and poetry of # 39; a poet Ali Al-Khawar and composed by Dina Saad, The Children of Sharjah, and directed by Mohammed Bakr, and the distribution of music Muhannad Khadr and Mohammad Ali, and singing "Artist Najm al-Shala and Ala & Abdulah Al-Mamari, artist Hassan Ali, next to Coral Children's Sharjah.

"Operett responds to the national spirit and humanity that the Emirati brings to generation after generation, coming from our true Islamic religion and our authentic Arab identity," said Salha Gabesh , writer of & # 39; an operetta and director of the Culture and Information Office of the High Affairs Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah. , And our Emirati tradition, which was strengthened by the later Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has the meaning of giving and giving, he has been in the # 39 work, and also the consolidation of many human and national values, the story of ' the spirit of the opera.

Ghabash praised the great efforts of & # 39; the team of & # 39; The Operetta, the Director, the Componists and the Sharjah Children's Department to make this work a success and to present it in a way of out-of-state national events that the UAE confirms and the vision of its mercies The Director of Sharjah Sheikha Jawaher has Mohammed Al Qassimi, State Social Affairs Department, governing administrative and professional integration among all governments in the UAE of Sharjah through the cooperation of Sharjah Bern with the Culture and Information Office from & # 39; the whole Council of Family Members.

Aisha Ali Al Kaabi, director of Sharjah, says the participation of Sharjah's children in # 39; The Festivals of the 47th National Day through this operetta aims to strengthen the & # 39; the thinking and loyalty of children and the strengthening of their confidence through the development of their creative talents. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of the highest council and director of Sharjah, and his numerous Sheikhah Mohd Al-Qasimi, president of # 39; the whole state of social affairs, chairman of the Quartz Foundation for the industry of leaders and innovators. Make children as a niche for the development of the emirate. "

Al-Kaabi pointed out that the operation ended in collaboration with a number of institutions in the context of institutional integration, including the Cultural and Information Office of the High Affairs Council for Family Affairs, and the sisters of Sharjah and Sharjah youth.

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