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Yousef: Ndk step position and will not take the profit for Al Wasl, recorded on the Super Koura page on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

Mohammed Yousuf, general coach and acting director of Al Ahly football, confirmed that the match against Al Wasl in UAE in # 39; The 16th runner of the Zayed Cup for Arab Championships clubs can not be divided by two.

Yousef mentions that the game is important for Ahly and his fans, and everyone in the technical team and the players know it well.

Al-Ahly declares that Al-Wasl is a respectable team, plays on their own ground and in the middle of & # 39; The pong, armed with a 1-1 draw.

Youssef points out that there is a state of concentration and decision by the masses to make a positive result, can qualify for the next round of the tournament.

"At the same time, the opponent tries the same goal, which makes the meeting easier."

Youssef has acknowledged that Ahli players are well aware of the series of & # 39; the situation and they are all at the level of responsibility and the event and have the experience to activate them to fit this position they already have to go.

Yousuf believes that Al Ahli's fans in UAE have a positive impact on & # 39; the players through their support and support for the team in the stadium.


In the same context, Sami Tusman, the coach of the first team football club Ahli, today's game is very important and only replace it.

Al-Ahli reported that Al-Ahli will meet all invoices that help him win his goal of winning and qualifying for the fourth final.

T-shirts know that Al-Ahli players have the experience to overcome today's conditions to get fans of 'club', which are just satisfied with the realization of tournaments.

The coach has alleged that Al Ahli players have all of these circumstances and have the opportunity to deal with such situations.

He said Al-Ahly's fans always appear to be bumpy, in harsh times and everyone knows how difficult the situation is. Therefore, it is decided and decided to qualify for a good match that Al Ahli is worth and attaining the objective of the game.


Khalid Aldrindli, sharply from Al Ahly and the head of # footballers of # 39; The UAE, expressed its great trust in Alhly's ability to achieve a good result. Al Ahly players are well aware of 'a good situation and can overcome it and feel like' the masses in Egypt. Or the UAE.

Al-Derandli has been aware that he has been aware of the last two days of # 39; a serious and acknowledged player is, and everyone is decided to win and qualify for the fourth final of the tournament.

The chief of the Ahli mission, that things are good, and there is a lot of support from # fans of Ahli in UAE, it was hard to get the team in # supporting the final training, and asking the players to earn and qualify the link for the next round.

He said Al-Ahly al-Ahly always rests, and his players know only how to win and win the championships, and what he is dealing with, he always stood stronger from his stamp.


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