Tuesday , February 7 2023

Urgent … Kuwait artist Hala Nour's mother died


Fathia al-Kilani, the mother of Kuwait artist Hala Nour, lied to her son after her daughter announced the news three days ago through Instagram's official account.

"Hello, I am the mother of Kuwait artist Hala Nour, who died three days ago and buried me," Fathia said in a live broadcast.

She said: "I am alive and alive, and now I am in Palestine.I am shocked not only in you but also in the news.It is known that it is possible to end his mother's life."

She concluded: "I mean criminal behavior, and if Halchi tries to raise her reputation it is not worthy of the artist, and if that level or unity is the reason … the girl in the world It's Aisha's life. "

Nurah's solution tells the story of his mother's death through his personal account for "Instagram." "I have moved to God's mercy, my mother Fethia Mohammed Kilani … keep it for God." As they were plagued by God, I go back to him. Before her mother lied to her in the interview mentioned above, the dates and places of funeral and comfort.

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