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UAE Red Crescent has concluded an agreement with the local authorities on distribution of 5,000 food baskets to the Mudhafar Branch and the Soil Management Office.


Agreement with local authorities on distributing 5000 food baskets to the Al-Mudhafar branch of the Yemeni Red Crescent and the Soil Management Office.

The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent signed an agreement with the local authorities on distribution of 5,000 food baskets to the Mudhafar Branch and the Soil Management Office.

Posted in Yemen Voices 14 – 11 – 2018

Rashad Al-Akhali, Vice-President of the Richard Subcommittee, along with the UAE Red Crescent, will provide assistance to the UAE when it handles relief supplies to beneficiaries with assistance provided by the UAE to alleviate the suffering of war affected families. And signed an agreement to distribute 5,000 food baskets. Families affected by Al-Muzaffar and Al-Taraba's food aid
At a press conference, Lieutenant Governor Taiz, vice-chairman of the Rashad Al-Akhali Subcommittee, signed a memorandum of understanding at the target area of ​​Al-Tarab and Al-Muzaffar And confirmed that relief supplies will be provided.
He also pointed out that the role of the UAE red crescent moon is not limited to this activity. The presence of the United Arab Emirates red crescent is evident in relation to the humanitarian activities of the city and the Taiz province of Sahel, Al-A'fer and Shamaytin area.
He added that the brotherhood of the UAE has had a clear impact with the sons of Taiz in such hard and harsh conditions through the UAE Red Crescent, and that the Arab Emirates Red Crescent always exists to alleviate the suffering of the Thais' sons. Fazaz's guide is strong and I will not forget what the UAE provided.
Al-Akhali said local authorities will overcome all the difficulties that could hinder the role and performance of the UAE Red Crescent Authority.
He also thanked the United Arab Emirates for its role in providing relief, food and shelter.
Ehab Dahbali, head of the UAE Red Crescent in Taipei, the UAE Red Crescent, said the signing of the convention on food basket distribution responded to the needs of the affected family and the situation that caused the Taiz City to become loud due to war. He said.

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